Live-in Care

For people who need care support throughout the day but want to remain in their home, Live In care is an excellent alternative to residential services.

Your Live In carer will move into your home to provide support whenever you need it.

They are there to help with a range of tasks, from social care to household chores, nutrition and feeding needs to companionship, and are right there when you need anything else.

Key Benefits

If you're wondering whether the time is right for you or a loved one to organise live-in care, then here are just some of the benefits of myCaringPOD:

People can remain in their own homes with full support to live as comfortably, socially and independently as they choose.
Families are reassured that an experienced, compassionate carer is on hand to tend to their loved one's needs.
Live In care is proven to reduce the likelihood of falls, hip fractures and cognitive decline thanks to the vigilance and companionship of the carer.

What is Live In care?

Live In care is when you book a care professional to move into the home to provide full-time care.


Typically, this involves the carer working in the day and then providing support at night when required.


Live In care is not a continuous service. If you or your loved one has a medical condition requiring 24/7 care, you will need a more specialist approach.


Live In carers are there to support people in living the lives they choose, helping them maintain their personal care, home, and social lives.


Many people prefer to stay in their own home when they need extra support, so find Live In Care to be a great solution.

What does Live In care entail?

A Live In carer can help with a wide range of tasks that may have become challenging for people to manage alone.


Here are the main tasks undertaken by Live In carers:

Social Care

A carer will be on hand to support with bathing, dressing, hygiene, toileting, make-up, shaving, and much, much more. For a complete description of personal care services, please read our dedicated page.

Household help

Live In carers can take care of all household chores from hoovering to ironing, changing bed sheets to cleaning bathrooms and more. They will help keep the home clean and tidy. Take a look at our Household Help page for more.

Nutrition and Feeding

We ensure people have regular meals by shopping, prepping and serving meals. If people find it difficult to chew or swallow, we can help them with a soft diet or support with feeding, if appropriate.


Sometimes it's hard for people to remember when to take medication or what they need to take. A Live In carer can manage medication or provide prompts to take it, ensuring the person takes what is prescribed correctly.


An integral part of the care we offer is regular companionship. Our kind, friendly carers are there to talk and listen, which often brightens the days of the people we look after.


Accessing the community and social circle

The beauty of having a Live In carer is that they can help the people they support to get out and enjoy their lives. Whether that's a visit to the shops, lunch with friends, regular clubs, family visits or regular worship, our carers can provide transport, mobility support or simply accompany people to their outside engagements.

Emergency Response

If an emergency arises, the carer is on hand to raise the alarm and call the emergency services. Many families feel great peace of mind knowing that their loved one has somebody close by at all times to provide emergency assistance.

Why choose Live In Care?

At MyCaringPOD, we aim to empower people to make the choices that are right for them.


Live In care support enables people to continue to live in the home they love and retain their independence.


This level of support comes with proven health benefits. Statistics show that Live In care reduces the likelihood of falls, hip fractures and helps maintain mobility.


The impact of isolation and loneliness on people living alone can take a toll on their mental health and contribute to cognitive decline. Live In care provides the companionship and stimulation that can combat those issues.

Live In care and couples

For couples who want to remain living together in their home, Live In care can provide an excellent solution.


Live In care allows couples to maintain their relationship without one partner acting as a caregiver instead.


With the support of a Live In carer, the couple can continue to enjoy living their lives together and doing the things they want to.


By taking on personal care, dietary and household duties, the Live In carer frees up the partner to focus on their central role in the life of the person receiving care.


Through the MyCaringPOD platform, couples can arrange and book Live In care quickly and easily.

How much does Live In care cost?

The cost of Live In care is comparable with the cost of moving into a residential care home.

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