End of Life Care

If you are looking for End of Life care, it's likely to be a very emotional and difficult time for you and your loved one.

We aim to provide expert support in the home to enable you and your loved one to focus on quality time together.

Many people want to spend the end of their lives in their own homes, where they feel safe, comfortable, and happy.

Let our kind, experienced carers take on care tasks and provide support and compassion for everyone involved.

Together, we can ensure your loved one is well looked after and cared for at home.

Key Benefits

If you're wondering whether the time is right for you or a loved one to organise care at home, then here are just some of the benefits of myCaringPOD:

Your loved one can rely on full support from carers and specialist staff as needed, so you can focus on spending quality time together.
All care can be provided in people's homes, so they can stay in the place where they feel most comfortable and happy.
Carers are on hand to provide emotional support to people and their families, offering reassurance and comfort at a tough time for all involved.

What is End of Life care?

End of Life, or Palliative care, is the support given in the final stages of a person's life.

Some incorrectly assume that End of Life care is provided in the hospital or at a hospice, but many people prefer to spend this time in their own homes.

Often the care is provided by a team of professionals as some specialist support may be required to manage specific conditions.

Although End of Life care is generally offered when it is believed that there is a year or less to live, the time frame is hard to determine.

A range of factors can impact the timeline of a person's End of Life journey; therefore, the care provided is tailored to the requirements of each individual.

What does End of Life care involve?

The carers and nurses at MyCaringPOD can provide a range of support for families looking for End of Life care.

Personal care
Our carers will help with bathing, dressing, hygiene and many other personal tasks. They'll work with the person to ensure their needs are met and they can retain their dignity.

Pain management
It's vital to keep people receiving End of Life care as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Our carers will do everything they can to help people manage their pain effectively.

Medication support
Carers can administer medication or prompt people to take medication at certain times. If more complex medication plans are in place, we can provide nurse-led support.

Continence care
Whether a person is using continence pads and needs help with changing them or has a stoma or catheter in place, our carers will provide the support required.

Mobility assistance
People receiving End of Life care may need help to move around their homes. Carers will support a full range of mobility solutions, including everything from gentle support to hoisted transfers.

Household duties
You can rely on carers to look after domestic chores, feeding and nutrition, and pet care. They will also do laundry, change beds and collect food, and shop if required.

Companionship and emotional support

Our carers are there to provide understanding, companionship and emotional support to people and their loved ones. Being there to listen can make a massive difference to the experience of families on this journey.

How do I know when the time is right for End of Life care?

It's important to remember that there's no exact timeframe for End of Life care.

Some people may have an End of Life care plan in place many years before they pass away, whereas others may spend a very short time receiving this type of care.

If you have an existing care plan, you can bring it to us, and we’ll arrange care according to your requirements.

You can also work with us to create a care plan according to your bespoke needs and we’ll take it from there.

We will work with you to determine the right level of care for the moment at hand and ensure that specialists are drafted in to help manage different conditions.

For example, you may need to establish End of Life care quickly if someone has a rapidly progressing illness.

Alternatively, you may be planning ahead if you or your loved one has a condition that progresses gradually.

It may also be appropriate to use End of Life care at intermittent periods in cases with there are different stages of decline and recovery.

By talking through the options with clinicians and care experts, you can determine the right time to bring in End of Life care support for your loved one.

How can I make sure my loved one's wishes are followed?

If you work with MyCaringPOD, we will ensure that your loved one's wishes are at the heart of everything we do.

We understand that End of Life care comes at a time where it's essential to keep the person as comfortable but also as independent as possible for as long as we can.

It's often a time where things can feel out of control, so we endeavour to empower each individual to take as much control over their lives as possible.

It might be difficult for the family and close friends to talk about advanced End of Life treatment decisions and other sensitive topics.

You should take advice about getting legal agreements in place around your loved one's wishes for their treatment and a Lasting Power of Attorney so someone they trust can act on their behalf.

Also, this is the time to speak to your loved one about their spiritual or religious requests too.

You can be reassured that we'll do everything we can to respect the wishes of your loved one and empower them to choose how to live this stage of their life.

How much does End of Life care cost?

At MyCaringPOD, we work to ensure you get the right level of care delivered by a team of professionals.

Every individual has bespoke requirements, and care can be booked in increments of time from an hour up to complete live-in care.

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