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What is Homecare?

Home care is when a carer or nurse provides support to people in their own homes when they need help with activities and tasks of day-to-day life. Our competent and compassionate staff will help you with household tasks, personal care, preparing and cooking meals or any other activity that allows you to maintain independence and quality of life.

Home care can also be provided to those with complex health needs or for those living with special conditions or a disability that is impacting how they live their life. These people often need Nurse Lead Care

Home care can be provided in the following ways.


  • Hourly care or visiting care, as it is sometimes referred to is for those who need care and support with tasks of daily living or clinical care at certain times during the day. Hourly care can be provided from 30 minutes each day, to as many visits or hours you require, one or several days of the week depending on your care and support needs.  For those who have complex needs,(link to specialist care)  care can be provided from a few hours to whole nights and days to 24/7.

  • Live-in care for when a permanent care arrangement is needed with greater levels of support around the clock to ensure a person can live well at home.

  • Respite care for those needing a short-term arrangement after hospital discharge to convalesce or when a family carer needs a break from their caring role. It is also an ideal service for families who wish to assess whether care at home is the right care choice for them.
What type of care do I need?

Depending on your needs a comprehensive assessment will be conducted by either a registered nurse or our local care expert. We can conduct the assessment at your home, in the hospital or in any specialist care setting if you are awaiting discharge back to your own home enabling a plan of care and support to be developed that meets all your needs.

  • Our approach to care planning, whether it is for a respite service or a permanent arrangement for hourly care or live-in care ensures we capture all your preferences and wishes so you can live a life in the comfort of your own home.
  • We take time to find the carer that would best meet your care and support needs, making sure they are closely aligned with how you wish to live your life. Once care is in place, our local teams made up of care and clinical experts provide you, your family and our carer with an abundance of ongoing support, giving you the reassurance that you or your loved one is receiving the very best care at home.
  • We are here to help you and your family every step of the way you can call us on 080 8239 1525 and one of our friendly care coordinators will provide information, guidance and advice on your care options. Or to arrange an assessment please click here
How much will homecare cost?

The cost of home care is dependent on the level of care and support you require. If you are receiving our hourly home care the overall cost will be determined by the number of visits and frequency of visits to you at home.

Our experts can conduct a comprehensive virtual assessment of your needs to understand what you need and therefore how much care at home will cost.

We know that the cost of our professional home care is very competitive when compared with other home care providers.  It is worth noting that when comparing the cost of home care with a care package in a care home, the fee you pay for home care is actually for the care and support you receive.  In a care home, your weekly fee mainly covers your accommodation, food and social activities with the care package being only a small part of what you pay.

You may be entitled to either healthcare fundingsocial care funding or Government funding to contribute to the cost of home care.  If you are faced with having to finance your own home care (known as self-funding care), there are initiatives available to you, including care fees annuities or equity release schemes that could provide the funds you need for your care and support.

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